How Fonts Impact Branding? Easy Guide

How Fonts Impact on Branding?

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In this blog post, we will step into the fascinating world of fonts and their influence on brand perception. We will analyze three well-known brands and see how changing the fonts can significantly alter the mood and emotion they evoke. Additionally, we’ll introduce a helpful resource for finding the right font style for your designs. Let’s get started!

Different brands and their fonts type: 


Let’s begin with McDonald’s France. The current logo features a cheerful and lighthearted font called Fold Sans Serif, aligning with their mission of creating feel-good moments for everyone. Sans serif fonts are often used for children’s brands due to their playful and approachable nature. However, what if we were to change the font to a serif typeface?
When we experiment with a serif font, we can observe a significant shift in the brand’s overall feel.

The elegance and sophistication associated with serifs create a somewhat unexpected look for McDonald’s. Although colors play a vital role in brand perception, fonts have considerable power in setting the mood independently.

How Fonts Impact on Branding?


Next, let’s explore the font choice for L’Oréal, a renowned cosmetics brand known for its elegance. Currently, they use a refined sans-serif font. Understanding the style of each font category is crucial here. For this, we can utilize resources like Adobe Fonts, available through the Adobe Creative Cloud, which offers various font styles for exploration.

Using a fun sans serif font called Asphalt, we can witness a drastic transformation. The new font gives L’Oréal’s branding a more youthful and playful vibe, reminiscent of a children’s brand. Let’s apply this font to their label and see how it alters the overall impression. The stark contrast between the original and new fonts showcases the significant impact a font can have on brand perception.


Now, let’s examine Canon, a trusted brand known for its professional cameras and the slogan “Delighting you always.” To create a unique contrast, we’ll experiment with fonts that deviate from Canon’s current style. Adobe Fonts can be a valuable resource in this process.

By choosing a rough serif font, we introduce a more rugged and nostalgic aesthetic to Canon’s brand. This typeface contrasts with Canon’s focus on advancement and delight, as it exudes a sense of nostalgia and a vintage feel. Alternatively, a sans-serif font can bring a touch of nostalgia and vintage style. The font choices greatly impact the brand’s visual identity.

How Fonts Impact on Branding?

Fonts play a pivotal role in conveying the mood and emotion of a brand. From the cheerful and playful fonts used by McDonald’s to the elegant and refined fonts of L’Oréal, and the rugged and nostalgic choices for Canon, the font selection can transform the perception of a brand entirely. While legibility on various scales is essential, it’s crucial to consider the character and style associated with each font category.

Different types of Fonts: 

Serif Fonts:

  • Decorative lines at the ends of characters.
  • Conveys tradition and professionalism.
  • Examples: Times New Roman, Georgia.

Sans-Serif Fonts:

  • Clean lines and modern appearance.
  • Elicits simplicity and clarity.
  • Examples: Helvetica, Arial.

Script Fonts:

  • Mimics handwriting with varying strokes.
  • Adds elegance and personal touch.
  • Examples: Brush Script, Lobster.

Display Fonts:

  • Highly creative and attention-grabbing.
  • Best for logos, headers, and creative designs.
  • Examples: Impact, Comic Sans.

Monospaced Fonts:

  • Uniform spacing between characters.
  • Commonly used in coding and technical contexts.
  • Examples: Courier, Consolas.

Font choice significantly influences a brand’s identity, evoking emotions and establishing visual recognition. Fonts have the power to make a brand stand out and evoke specific emotions. Exploring different fonts and their impact on brand identity is a creative and enjoyable process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are standard font types?
Times New Roman
What is the cleanest font?
Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, and Helvetica.
What font is easier to read?
Helvetica is considered to be the easiest font to read.

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