How to Create Logo Designs in 5 Minutes! Interesting Steps

How to Create Logo Designs in 5 Minutes! Interesting Steps

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Welcome back to our blog, where we are embarking on a thrilling and daring challenge. I’ve decided to push my design skills to the limit by attempting to create not one, not two, but five logo Designs in a mere five minutes. This may sound like a recipe for chaos, but I’m excited to see what I can accomplish within such a tight timeframe. So, let’s get started.

Steps to Create Logo Design in Five Minutes:

Setting the Stage:

Before diving into the challenge, I reached out to my friends to gather five words that would serve as the inspiration for each logo. After all, a designer’s creativity thrives on unexpected prompts. I made the calls, exchanged pleasantries, and asked for their word contributions. The anticipation built as I eagerly awaited their responses.

The Words:

Finally, armed with the five words, I was ready to commence the design frenzy. The words my friends provided were: squirrel, nice, message, she, and bob. Each word held its own unique potential, and I couldn’t wait to see where they would lead me.


The word “shampoo” posed a unique challenge. How could I transform a word associated with personal care into an engaging logo? I experimented with incorporating the letters into the shape of a bottle, but alas, time was not on my side. The result fell short of my expectations, and I acknowledged this as a learning experience.

How to Create Logo Designs in 5 Minutes! Interesting Steps


With the word “squirrel” in mind, I immediately envisioned a cute and lively logo design. My pencil danced across the paper as I sketched out a squirrel-inspired logo that captured the essence of this playful creature. Though time was fleeting, I managed to create a design that I felt had promise.

Deck Chair:

“Deck chair” conjured up images of sunny beaches and relaxation. I visualized a logo that would transport viewers to a serene coastal setting. Swiftly, I brought a deck chair to life on my canvas. While it lacked perfection, I sensed the potential for further refinement.


The word “cheese” elicited a sense of playfulness and warmth. I wanted the logo to reflect this fun and inviting quality. As the seconds ticked away, I scoured through font options, searching for one that would convey a squishy, cheesy essence. With time running out, I settled on a font and quickly incorporated it into the design.


Inspired by the word “guitar,” I envisioned a logo that would celebrate the beauty of this musical instrument. The letter ‘I became my canvas, morphing into the shape of a guitar. I sketched furiously, trying to capture the essence of the instrument within the constraints of time. It was a challenging endeavor, but one that showed promise for further development.

Reflection and Beyond:

As the five-minute mark approached, I took a step back to assess my creations. Squirrel and guitar stood out as the most successful designs, capturing the essence of their respective words. The others required further refinement and attention.

But I wasn’t ready to end the journey just yet. Determined to explore the potential of these logos, I decided to extend the challenge by an additional five minutes. This time would allow me to flesh out the ideas and truly bring them to life.

Within those extra minutes, I meticulously refined the designs, experimented with various elements, and let my creativity flow unhindered. It was an intense sprint against the clock, but the additional time granted me the opportunity to transform the initial sketches into more polished and compelling logo concepts.

This design challenge pushed the boundaries of my creativity and showcased the power of working under constraints. Although not all the logos reached their full potential within the original five-minute timeframe, the extended minutes allowed for a glimpse into the possibilities that lie within each design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use Illustrator for logo design?
Adobe Illustrator was developed specifically for logo designing and has dynamic diversity.

Which Adobe software is best for logo design?
Adobe Illustrator

What Illustrator format is best for the logo?
An eps file.

Should I create a logo in Illustrator or Photoshop?
Adobe Illustrator creates vector-based graphics which is ideal for logo designing. Photoshop on the other hand utilizes pixel-based graphics which is ideal for photo editing.

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